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Vocational Rehabilitation 

Many people with disabilities have difficulty pursuing their career development. Impairments of different sorts – mobility, exertional, and mental, to name a few – can restrict a person’s ability to perform a job. Career Consultants of America, Inc. (CCA) helps people with disabilities optimize their work potential by assessing work capacities, evaluating options, and facilitating workplace transitions. 

The interventions CCA most often employs include reviewing and evaluating medical, employment, academic, and other relevant records; developing vocational profiles through clinical interviews and standardized testing; evaluating the viability of workplace accommodations and job reengineering; identifying transferable skills and retraining options; and assisting with job placement and career advancement.


As needed, CCA provides vocational rehabilitation expert witness services in litigated matters. These services most often involve evaluating claims of loss of earning capacity. Below is the model CCA developed and applies.

Career Consultants of America.gif

More information about the approach CCA uses to evaluate claims of loss of earning capacity appears in the following periodical article:

Shahnasarian, M. (2010). Earning capacity assessment: Operationalizing a theory. Forensic Rehabilitation and Economics, 3 (2), 111 – 123.

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