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Career Development

Finding one’s niche in the world of work can be challenging – especially for young people uncertain of their options, people who have encountered unexpected life events that require a new focus on their career development, and people who desire to change occupations because of career dissatisfaction, personal issues, workplace issues, and other reasons.

Career counselors worldwide have adopted the model Career Consultants of America, Inc. (CCA), applies to facilitate the career planning and career decision making of people in career transition.

Career consulting services are offered via hourly counseling sessions and standardized testing. Many clients use Decision Time: A Guide to Career Enhancement (3rd Edition), authored by Michael Shahnasarian, Ph.D., between sessions.  CCA also offers a vocational guidance program to individuals who seek direction in their career paths.  This includes an introductory interview, a battery of vocational testing, interpretation of the test results, and an exit interview.  Many participants in our vocational guidance program with Dr. Shahnasarian have found fulfilling career paths. 

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