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Life Care Planning

Many people who acquire disabling problems require ongoing rehabilitation intervention in areas that include, as examples, medical evaluations and diagnostic tests, treatment, medications, durable medical equipment, caregiver assistance, and home modifications. CCA collaborates with rehabilitation specialists to assess anticipated present and future care needs, along with associated costs.

CCA has provided life care planning services for pediatric and adult patients on five continents. Some patients have multisystem disabilities and encounter challenges in their medical management and rehabilitation when, for example, resources available to address disabling problems are scarce, complications arise, or specialized needs for required interventions emerge. An integrated, multidisciplinary, and well-managed life care plan helps patients realize their rehabilitation potential.

On request, CCA provides life care planning services in litigated matters. Often these cases involve complex evaluations of contingencies such as the need for various types of skilled care, differential treatments and possible outcomes, and geographic variables.

MS in Medellin-1.jpg

Michael Shahnasarian, Ph.D., recognized as a Fellow by the International Association of Life Care Planners, addressing an international conference on life care planning in Medellin, Colombia.

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